Elastic Plastic Generation

Elastic Plastic Generation is Steve’s EDM project, recently released on Teknofonic Recordings. Elastic Plastic Generation reflects Steve’s lifelong love of Latin, Brazilian, and club music.

In his own words: “I thought about all the musical experiences and influences that were strongest in my life—playing Latin music back in the day when Hector Lavoe and Eddie Palmieri were rocking NY, dancing for years at Body & Soul, playing in Brasil and loving the Afoxe and Samba Reggae music I heard—and started experimenting with a new sound. The first track I did, I gave an mp3 to a friend up in the Bronx. He called me back a few days later, ‘Hey, all my friends are using your track for a ringtone.’

“So I kept on experimenting. There was a group of guys selling all kinds of things in the street on West 109th and Broadway, who were really into music. Chauncey had been there when they were setting up the sound system for Paradise Garage, and several of the other guys had been DJs in their day. So I took to putting my ideas on my iPod and playing it for them. I had never thought of myself as a rapper, but they took me seriously and encouraged me to continue. ‘We memorize your beats,’ they said. ‘We talk about your lyrics. They seem crazy but they stick in your head and we can’t stop thinking about them…’

“So I kept on. That corner was a neighborhood hang for all kinds of people, so whenever I finished a new track I would take it to the corner and see people’s reactions. When I got to the point where they wouldn’t give me the headphones back because they were so into the cut, I knew I was onto something. ‘We so elastic baby we can stretch to anything –we ironic, we platonic, we tectonic, we movin’ to the tectonic waves because you gotta be that way, you gotta be that way…’”